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Latest Member Sailing Articles
Top 10 Cruising Seamanship "Best Practice" ResolutionsTop 10 Cruising Seamanship "Best Practice" Resolutions
July 7, 2015 ~ What ten sailing seamanship resolutions will make sailing safer? Two of the world's top cruising veterans from Ireland share their secret sailing tips today. Follow their advice to help keep your small sailboat and sailing crew safe 'n sound wherever you choose to sail or cruise! . . . keep reading

Avoid Sailing Near These "Trip-Line" Vessels!Avoid Sailing Near These "Trip-Line" Vessels!
July 4, 2015 ~ Sail inside inland waters, along the coast, or offshore and you can bet you will sight tugs and their tows. These work horses ply the world's waters day and night. And they can present danger to other vessels. Follow these three vital sailing tips to keep your small sailboat and sailing crew safe and sound on the waters of the world . . . keep reading

Emergency Docking Tips - Bare Poles Anchor ApproachEmergency Docking Tips - Bare Poles Anchor Approach
July 2, 2015 ~ How can you sail up to a pier under bare poles with the wind astern under complete control--without using lines to stop you alongside? Here's what one world famous cruising couple recommend. Prepare your small sailboat with this little-known defensive docking maneuver today! . . . keep reading

Trailer Sailing Woes - Special Member Guest Article!Trailer Sailing Woes - Special Member Guest Article!
June 30, 2013 ~ Today, SkipperTips member Bud Gates shares his latest sailing solution. If you've ever used a trailer to launch or recover a boat, this article could save you lots of time, money and effort. Bud will show you the perfect solution to keep your trailer wheel bearings free of destructive wear and corrosion all sailing season long! . . . keep reading

Where Does Sail Trim Begin?Where Does Sail Trim Begin?
June 27, 2015 ~ Set sail and you'll need to check one vital part of your "soft machines" first before anything else. Pump up your speed and power with these little-known sailing secrets. They will provide you with peak performance when sailing from point to point or racing "round the buoys" . . . keep reading

Five Underwater Sailing Dangers You Need to Avoid!Five Underwater Sailing Dangers You Need to Avoid!
June 25, 2015 ~ Sail in coastal or inland waters and you could encounter submerged ruins, jetties, pilings, fish traps and groins. How can you identify these deadly dangers on your nautical or electronic chart? Follow these easy sailing tips to keep your sailing crew safer on the waters of the world! . . . keep reading

Do You Know Your "Cruising Under Sail" Speed?Do You Know Your "Cruising Under Sail" Speed?
June 23, 2015 ~ What simple sailing calculation will show you your average speed under sail? How can you load and distribute provisions to keep your small sailboat sailing at peak performance? Follow these easy sailing tips to help you plan a safer cruise for you and your sailing crew this sailing season . . . keep reading

Will Your Sailboat Bilge Pumps Keep You Afloat?Will Your Sailboat Bilge Pumps Keep You Afloat?
June 20, 2015 ~ Imagine sailing along the coast one night. All of a sudden, you hit an unseen obstruction; water pours in. According to one world famous cruising veteran, 95% of the boats sailing today have inadequate bilge pumps. Find out more in this special sailing report! . . . keep reading

Are You Ready to Enter That Marina? Seven Steps to SuccessAre You Ready to Enter That Marina? Seven Steps to Success
June 18, 2015 ~ Boating safety begins with careful preparation long before you cast off, enter a harbor or are faced with an emergency situation. Follow these seven sailing tips before you enter any marina in the world. If your engine bites the dust, you'll be glad you did! . . . keep reading

Seven Sailing Navigation Tips for Sailing Season 2015Seven Sailing Navigation Tips for Sailing Season 2015
June 16, 2015 ~ Sailing has become easier than ever before with "push the button and go" navigation. You can set sail with absolute minimum navigation knowledge, sail across an ocean and hit the target within a few feet. Sound like a plan? Not even close. And that can result in unintended consequences! Read on to discover how to . . . keep reading

Where Does Sailing Risk Management Begin?Where Does Sailing Risk Management Begin?
June 13, 2015 ~ Sailing seminars are often filled to the brim when the topic focuses on heavy weather or survival at sea. But where does sailing safety really begin? Read on to discover five sailing tips that will help keep you and your sailing crew safe and sound wherever you choose to sail or cruise! . . . keep reading

Sail Clear of These Deadly "Keel Crackers"!Sail Clear of These Deadly "Keel Crackers"!
June 10, 2015 ~ What four sailing dangers consist of mounds of rock or metal just beneath the surface of the sea? Waiting like a Great White to crack your keel, twist your propeller shaft or damage your rudder? You'll find them in inland or coastal waters throughout the world. Learn the action you need to take to keep your sailboat . . . keep reading

Rebuilding a Deck - Core Replacement Tips Part IIRebuilding a Deck - Core Replacement Tips Part II
June 9, 2015 ~ Matt Bowser got the "sailing fever" at a young age and has been afflicted ever since. After a four-year restoration project, he and his family are finally enjoying sailing "Magic" in central New Hampshire. Enjoy Part II of this exclusive two-part series from "Good Old Boat" magazine . . . keep reading

Tame Your Sail Halyards with this Secret!Tame Your Sail Halyards with this Secret!
June 6, 2015 ~ How can you keep long halyard tails and extra line organized on vertical or horizontal cleats? Here's one little-known technique that will provide you with a fast 'n easy sailing solution. It will work for day-sailing, racing, cruising or voyaging. Follow these sailing tips to make sail line handling faster and easier! . . . keep reading

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