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Latest Member Sailing Articles...
Sail Trim Solutions XXVI - Visual Orientation for Sailing SafetySail Trim Solutions XXVI - Visual Orientation for Sailing Safety
July 24, 2014 ~ Before you commit your small sailboat to enter an inlet or narrow pass, make sure that you acquire visual orientation. Does the charted picture agree with the one you see from the cockpit of your sailboat? Follow these easy sailing tips when sailing or cruising on the waters of the world. . . . keep reading

Download the New eBook "Chart Symbols Made Easy" Part IIDownload the New eBook "Chart Symbols Made Easy" Part II
July 22, 2014 ~ What wrecks, rocks and reefs displayed on your nautical chart do you need to know for safer day-sailing, cruising or voyaging on the waters of the world? Click here to add this new sailing skills eBook to your sailing library today . . . keep reading

Use these "Nautical Goldmines" for Safer Sailing Worldwide!Use these "Nautical Goldmines" for Safer Sailing Worldwide!
July 19, 2014 ~ Sailing shortcuts that produce accurate results for safe navigation are what I like to refer to as "nautical goldmines". Sail short- or single-handed and you'll welcome theses gems of the sailing world. Unlock the secrets of the pros . . . keep reading

Sail Trim Solutions XXV - "Swept Depths" Under Your Sailboat KeelSail Trim Solutions XXV - "Swept Depths" Under Your Sailboat Keel
July 17, 2014 ~ How is your nautical or electronic chart marked to show depths over wrecks, rocks or obstructions? What steps can you take to keep your small sailboat in and her sailing crew in safe water when sailing or cruising? Discover the secret . . . keep reading

Sail Down a GPS "Lat-Line" to LandfallSail Down a GPS "Lat-Line" to Landfall
July 15, 2014 ~ How can you combine the latitude lines on your nautical chart with your GPS for safer sailing navigation? What sailing secret lies in the power of the "offset" waypoint technique when coastal cruising? Learn this essential sailing skill for safer navigation day or night in any weather. . . . keep reading

How to Sail Free of "Shore-ties"How to Sail Free of "Shore-ties"
July 12, 2014 ~ Sail inshore, along the coast or offshore. And I can think of not many things as peaceful and tranquil. But there's a trend I see time and again on the water and at anchorages that's causing some serious "stress and noise pollution" in our sport. Here's a fast, simple sailing solution that will work aboard any boat. . . . keep reading

Sail Trim Solutions XXIV - How to Trim with the Mainsheet TravelerSail Trim Solutions XXIV - How to Trim with the Mainsheet Traveler
July 10, 2014 ~ Learn to sail like a pro when you use your traveler to fine tune sail trim. Often ignored, this simple athwartship track can help you sail better, faster, and more balanced. Here are three easy, often forgotten ways to put your sailboat's traveler to the task! . . . keep reading

How to Sail with Confidence Near Shipping LanesHow to Sail with Confidence Near Shipping Lanes
July 8, 2014 ~ Sail near the coast or enter major harbors and you can expect to encounter shipping traffic. What steps should you take for sailing safety when you see shipping lanes, rotary "roundabouts" or "lane arrows" on your nautical or electronic chart? Discover the easy way to sail or cruise in these areas worldwide! . . . keep reading

Is Your Sailboat "Redundant System" Ready for Cruising?Is Your Sailboat "Redundant System" Ready for Cruising?
July 5, 2014 ~ What does "sailing system redundancy" mean when we talk about sailing safety? Are two nautical GPS receivers or two chart plotters really redundant? Discover how to create powerful, ready-any-time backup systems aboard your sailboat for sailing or cruising! . . . keep reading

Sail Trim Solutions XXIII - How to Rig a "Dinghy Bridle" for CruisingSail Trim Solutions XXIII - How to Rig a "Dinghy Bridle" for Cruising
July 3, 2014 ~ No matter whether you have an inflatable or rigid dinghy, there will be times when you'll want to tow your 'dink' astern. And do so without stress on dinghy or deck fittings. Discover how to rig a simple bridle that could add years of life to your sailboat dinghy! . . . keep reading

Sailing Navigation Secrets - Make Your Own Distance ScaleSailing Navigation Secrets - Make Your Own Distance Scale
July 1, 2014 ~ If you are anything like me, sailing navigation can be a challenge when short- or single-handed sailing. But you still need to be able to plot fast and accurate positions for sailing safety. Here one little-known sailing tip used by the pros that will help you do just that! . . . keep reading

Sail with Care Near "Green-Tinted" CoastlinesSail with Care Near "Green-Tinted" Coastlines
June 28, 2014 ~ Imagine sailing toward a landfall--just six miles to go now after two full days at sea. Tonight you'll be nestled in a quiet, pristine anchorage. But first, you'll need to squeeze through a twisting channel pockmarked with "green-tinted" shoals to port and starboard. What strategies can you use to make this navigation cha . . . keep reading

Sail Trim Solutions XXII - Sailing Near Submerged DangersSail Trim Solutions XXII - Sailing Near Submerged Dangers
June 26, 2014 ~ Scan any sailing chart and you could miss submerged dangers that can punch a hole in your hull, mangle a rudder, or crack a keel. So what seamanlike strategy can you use? Follow these sailing tips to sail clear of three of the world's most dangerous natural and man-made hazards--located out-of-sight--beneath the waves! . . . keep reading

Sail Trim Secrets - A Question of BalanceSail Trim Secrets - A Question of Balance
June 24, 2014 ~ Sail inside sheltered waters, along the coast or offshore, and you'll want self-steering to "spell you" at the helm from time to time. Make sure you perform this critical "first step"--before you use any self steering device! . . . keep reading

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