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Latest Member Sailing Articles
Five Top "Dock a Boat" Tips for 2015!Five Top "Dock a Boat" Tips for 2015!
January 31, 2015 ~ Docking your boat in a tight marina will always be a challenge for you and your sailing partner or crew. What secrets will make boat handling smoother, easier and safer? It all begins well before you cast off that first line. Use these five top docking tips from the pros for safer sailing all season long! . . . keep reading

Sailing Landfall Secrets - Tropical Isle Lights and Beacons Part ISailing Landfall Secrets - Tropical Isle Lights and Beacons Part I
January 29, 2015 ~ Your landfall lies just over the horizon. You've dreamed all winter long about cruising to these sun-drenched islands surrounded by blue-green water. What easy steps can you take to verify the accuracy of your sailing navigation? Watch this sailing skills video to learn more! . . . keep reading

Use This Sailboat Stability Secret for Safer SailingUse This Sailboat Stability Secret for Safer Sailing
January 27, 2015 ~ What sailing tips can help you understand boat motion and stability? Make this easy test in just seconds to help you determine your sailboat's ability to recover from a severe roll when sailing or cruising on the waters of the world. . . . keep reading

These Sailing Dangers Hide at High Tide!These Sailing Dangers Hide at High Tide!
January 22, 2015 ~ What sailing dangers lurk just beneath the waves, waiting like great white sharks to snag your keel, crack your hull, or damage your rudder or propeller shaft? Know these "sailor beware" chart symbols for sailing safety whether you day sail, race, cruise or voyage! . . . keep reading

Three Top Sailing Tips from "Strictly Sail"Three Top Sailing Tips from "Strictly Sail"
January 20, 2015 ~ How can you make your Genoa sheets work for you with a secret "mechanical advantage" device--for no cost? Which sail plans will you choose if you need to dock under sail in an emergency? How can you boost your confidence when sailing--after dark? Enjoy these top sailing tips passed along at the Strictly Sail boat show! . . . keep reading

Seven Sailboat Checks Before Setting Sail!Seven Sailboat Checks Before Setting Sail!
January 17, 2015 ~ What seven sailing inspections are the most vital to make before you cast off to go day-sailing, cruising, or voyaging? Put these sailing tips near the top of your "pre-sail" inspection checklist for sailing safety. Enjoy this special report for safer sailing or cruising this season! . . . keep reading

Make a Sailing Chart "Clutter Free" for SailingMake a Sailing Chart "Clutter Free" for Sailing
January 15, 2015 ~ Imagine sailing into thick fog. Rocky reefs surround your small sailboat to port and starboard. Your destination will be a channel four miles to the east. What fast, easy steps can you take to create a crystal clear path to your destination on your nautical chart or chart plotter? Watch this sailing skills video to discover . . . keep reading

Three Easy Steps to Undock Your Sailboat!Three Easy Steps to Undock Your Sailboat!
January 13, 2015 ~ Undocking your boat from a pier or seawall can be a challenge in any weather. What three steps will help you master this technique fast 'n easy? Learn how the pros combine the triple power of a spring line, rudder angle and engine throttle speed for maximum control. . . . keep reading

Adjust Mainsail Draft with this Sail Trim 'Time Saver'Adjust Mainsail Draft with this Sail Trim 'Time Saver'
January 8, 2015 ~ Few sailing innovations have the benefits of fast, easy and super low maintenance all rolled into one package. Here's one of the simplest, most ingenious sailing devices ever created to help you trim your mainsail. Slash the time it takes to adjust mainsail draft, flatten the sail in a breeze, or make it fuller when reaching or in . . . keep reading

Trim Your Genoa with the Magic of "Louise"Trim Your Genoa with the Magic of "Louise"
January 6, 2015 ~ You see your telltales fluttering on your Genoa or headsail. Do you trim the sheet or ease the sheet? Do you head up or bear away? Discover an easy sailing technique that will tell you just what to do to trim your headsail to perfection for maximum sail power and speed! . . . keep reading

Dock Your Boat with an Emergency "Brake Line"Dock Your Boat with an Emergency "Brake Line"
January 1, 2015 ~ Docking after your engine dies can be a challenge. Prepare ahead of time with the secret of spring lines that can help you "put the brakes" on your small sailboat. Watch this one-of-a-kind sailing skills video now to see this in action! . . . keep reading

Dock a Boat Like a Pro - How to Use a Breast LineDock a Boat Like a Pro - How to Use a Breast Line
December 30, 2014 ~ If you sail short- or single-handed there will be times when longer docking lines just will not do. Or perhaps you need to keep the sailboat as close to the pier as possible to load provisions or guests. Here's an intro to one of the best kept secrets in all of docking. Read on to discover how to use the . . . keep reading

Tie This Sailing Bowline in Just Seconds!Tie This Sailing Bowline in Just Seconds!
December 25, 2014 ~ How many sailing bowlines do you need to know? Which are fast and easy to tie? And safe and secure enough for docking inside a slip or bending a sheet to a Genoa clew? Watch this sailing skills video now to learn more. . . . keep reading

Sail Trim Secrets - "Drop" Your Sails into ShapeSail Trim Secrets - "Drop" Your Sails into Shape
December 23, 2014 ~ Want to learn to sail with more power and speed? If you are anything like me, you'll seek out those places that challenge your sail trim skills, like San Francisco Bay. Discover the other side of "tough weather" sailing. Use these top sail trim tips aboard your sailboat for maximum sail power! . . . keep reading

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