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Latest Member Sailing Articles
Heavy Weather Sailing - Ten Personal "Prep Steps" for Sailing CrewHeavy Weather Sailing - Ten Personal "Prep Steps" for Sailing Crew
May 26, 2015 ~ If you are anything like me, heavy weather sailing can be a challenge and make you tired fast. The more you prepare ahead of time, the more energy you will save. Follow these ten "do ahead of time" sailing tips to prepare for less fatigue and more comfort the next time the rough stuff crosses your path! . . . keep reading

Ban These "Sailing Stowaways" from Your SailboatBan These "Sailing Stowaways" from Your Sailboat
May 23, 2015 ~ If you are anything like me, not many things can drive you as crazy as roaches or spiders that have taken up residence in your small sailboat cabin. Use these seven sailing tips to learn how to banish these invaders from your sailboat once and for all! . . . keep reading

Sailing Downwind - Secret to Avoid a "Flying Jibe"Sailing Downwind - Secret to Avoid a "Flying Jibe"
May 21, 2015 ~ Going into a flying jibe means your sailboat boom whips from one side of the boat to the other--out of control! This could result in serious injury to your sailing crew or partner, and damage to boom gear. Use these three little-known sailing tips to keep safe and sound this sailing season. . . . keep reading

Three Ways to Make Docking with Springlines EasierThree Ways to Make Docking with Springlines Easier
May 19, 2015 ~ Imagine that you are short- or single-handed and need to bring your boat alongside a pier in a stiff wind or current with just one line--the mighty spring line! What three golden rules could you use to make this challenge smoother and easier? Follow these top sea-tested sailing tips from the pros . . . keep reading

Sailing with Cockpit-Led Control LinesSailing with Cockpit-Led Control Lines
May 16, 2015 ~ Cockpit control lines can make trimming, hoisting or reefing sails faster and easier. But you'll need to take know how to protect any sail control line from the triple threats of chafe, UV rays and friction. Discover five sailing tips that could save you big $$$s in repair or replacement costs . . . keep reading

Sail Trim Tips - Five Mainsail Secrets for Peak Performance!Sail Trim Tips - Five Mainsail Secrets for Peak Performance!
May 14, 2015 ~ Sail onto a reach and you'll need more than the mainsheet to keep the leech trimmed and the boom under control. Use these five sailing tips for blazing speed and maximum sail power. Watch this sailing skills video now to learn how to sail like a pro! . . . keep reading

Rebuilding a Deck - Core Replacement Tips Part IRebuilding a Deck - Core Replacement Tips Part I
May 12, 2015 ~ Matt Bowser got the sailing disease at a very young age and has been afflicted ever since. After a four-year restoration project, he and his family are finally enjoying sailing "Magic" in central New Hampshire. Enjoy this special full-length article from "Good Old Boat" magazine . . . keep reading

Five Sailing Tips to Prevent the "Domino Effect"Five Sailing Tips to Prevent the "Domino Effect"
May 9, 2015 ~ Most incidents of injury, damage or loss of life start with one small overlooked thing. Lack of chafing gear can lead to an anchor rode that fails. Forget to exercise your seacocks and a handle could freeze in the open position--as water pours into your boat through a ruptured hose! Discover five low-cost sailing tips that will . . . keep reading

Make a Sailing Danger Grid to Avoid GroundingMake a Sailing Danger Grid to Avoid Grounding
May 7, 2015 ~ Imagine sailing to a small cove to anchor for the night. To the east lies a deadly outcrop of rocky shoals and coral reefs. What super fast navigation technique can you use to verify your GPS and tell you--within seconds--if you are sailing toward danger? Read on to discover one easy sailing solution you can use anywhere in the world. . . . keep reading

Docking a Boat - How to Back Into a SlipDocking a Boat - How to Back Into a Slip
May 5, 2015 ~ Want to back your sailboat into a slip smooth, easy and with precision? Here's one little-known technique from the pros that works even in a tough cross-wind or current. Follow these three steps to dock your boat like a pro--wherever you choose to sail or cruise! . . . keep reading

Heavy Weather Sailing - Seven "Inverted" Sailing TipsHeavy Weather Sailing - Seven "Inverted" Sailing Tips
May 2, 2015 ~ Imagine sailing along the coast or offshore in rough weather. If your sailboat took a knockdown what would happen to your sailing gear and provisions? Are your ports, sail lockers and hatches watertight? Will your cockpit drain fast enough to avoid stability problems that could lead to capsize? Use these seven top sailing tips . . . keep reading

Sailing Basics - Crew Safety with Sheets Under LoadSailing Basics - Crew Safety with Sheets Under Load
April 30, 2015 ~ Overload a sailing sheet and you will create a slingshot of sorts. A line that snaps can cause a lot of damage to the human anatomy. Indeed, this danger has been named "snap back" and for good reason. Watch this sailing skills video to learn more. . . . keep reading

Sailing Skipper's Guide to Collision Avoidance TacticsSailing Skipper's Guide to Collision Avoidance Tactics
April 28, 2015 ~ Sail along the coast or offshore and you can bet behemoths abound there too. A 20 knot freighter or tanker will plow through liquid real estate at 2000 yards every three minutes. You'll need a lot more than AIS to insure that your sailboat stays "collision free". Follow these tips from the pros. . . . keep reading

Do You Know Your Sailing "Drift Factor"?Do You Know Your Sailing "Drift Factor"?
April 25, 2015 ~ Want to become the true master and commander of your small sailboat? Discover the secrets used by the pros to sail up to a pier under main or headsail alone. Determine how to regulate engine speed for smoother docking under power. Use these five top sailing tips that will show you how to dock your boat like a pro! . . . keep reading

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