2.gif">  Make Blazing Fast Sailing Passages

Whether you sail across a river, bay or ocean, being able to sail faster means that you and your crew have less exposure to heavy weather and rough seas. And that means safer sailing for your sailing crew and less strain on your boat, her sails, and sailing rigging.

Unlock theawesome power of your sail controls. Discover how the pros achieve perfect sail trim with a mainsheet, traveler, boom vang, outhaul, halyards, cunningham, stays and shrouds, telltales, sheet blocks, and preventers to turn a slow boat into a blazing fast stallion on steroids! 2.gif">  Sail in Heavy Weather with Confidence!

No sailor likes being caught out in tough weather, but the fact is, you need to know how to deal with it when it arrives. Learn the signals that warn of heavy weather that give you the edge of early, decisive action so that when it arrives--you and your boat are prepped and ready!

You will learn what it takes to become an expert in little-known heavy weather tactics like feathering, reefing strategies, heavy weather sail plans, balance control, and weight distribution that will reduce heeling, give you dryer decks, "fingertip" steering control, greater crew comfort, and less fatigue. Gain the calm confidence that comes when you know beyond a doubt that you and your crew will be safe and comfortable--whatever weather comes your way. 2.gif">  Tie the Best Sailing Knots

Tired of being overwhelmed with a zillion knots that make no sense and too many confusing steps to understand? Sailing safety means knowing how to choose the safest, most secure knot for the sailing task at hand! And knowing how to tie it fast, smooth, safe, and secure.

This includes knots for sails, reefing, docking, anchoring, lashing, splicing, whipping, coiling, going aloft, hanging sailing gear, and emergencies like man overboard, fouled anchor retrieval, towing, or pulling yourself off a shoal after grounding. Choose the wrong knot, tie it the wrong way, or place an unintended load on a knot and this could lead to catastrophic rigging failure or serious crew injury! Don't let this happen aboard your sailboat...

You will learn the simple, step-by-step methods to tie the safest, most secure sailing knots--taught by the former seamanship director of the world famous Charles F. Chapman School of Seamanship.You will discover how to determine if a knot will hold or fail, how to make any knot more secure, and which knots you want to use for a specific sailing task. Follow simple, 3-step illustrated guides to learn how to tie the world's best sailing knots for safer, more secure sailing anywhere in the world! 2.gif">  Master the Secret Art of Chart Navigation

Did you realize that it takes just one single spark to ZAP your black box navigation! Zonked. Out of commission! Every sailing skipper needs a backup plan that will work when things go wrong--and that's where traditional navigation methods rise to the occasion!

How would you like one-on-one instruction from a former USCG search and rescue small craft navigator and master navigation training specialist with 25+ years of experience?Captain John passes on to you the meat of what you need to know for easy, accurate navigation. Forget the complicated textbooks and hard to remember content in workbooks.

Learn the easiest way to read a paper chart, use plotting tools, sail across the Gulf Stream or any other ocean current. When the power goes out,this valuable nautical knowledge will provide you with all the confidence you need to find your way home--safe and sound. 2.gif">  Make Sailing Forecasts with "Bulls-eye" Accuracy!
As a skipper, you need to be the one to make the final "go, no-go" call when it comes to a decision to cast off--or wait for foul weather to pass by.

Weather may be totally different where a forecast is being broadcast compared to where you are right now. That's why it's in your hands to decide what to do. Your decision affects the safety of your boat and sailing crew.

Discover how to interpret wind, wave, and frontal charts, plus the weather signs around you like wind direction, squall lines, cloud formation, sea waves, swell patterns, or "gust" patches for super accurate sailing forecasts that will make your sailing safer than ever before. 2.gif">  Discover GPS, Radar, And Electronic Chart Secrets
Did you know that you can turn your GPS or Chart plotter into a powerhouse tool that will do a lot more than just show you a route from waypoint to waypoint? Want to learn little known secrets that give you an edge for safer, more accurate electronic navigation?

Save time when you know how to plan a cruise or longer voyage with secret functions that your manuals never tell you about! Learn about limit-lines, danger circles, proximity waypoints, and grid highways for the ultimate in safe, secure navigation. Get crystal clear step-by-step articles and videos that make these complex functions as easy as 1-2-3! 2.gif">  Dock Your Sailboat Like a Pro!

Want to wow your friends and fellow sailors at your marina? Learn docking skills from a licensed master mariner, certified sailing instructor, and former USCG search and rescue small boat skipper with 25+ years of maritime training experience. It's just like having a personal mentor and coach--always ready to answer your most burning questions!

Become confident enough to dock your boat short handed with insider techniques like feathering, pivoting, backing and filling, warping, and emergency maneuvers with anchors. In no time, you will be "wowing" your friends with your skills and confidence as an expert boat handler! 2.gif">  Anchor Your Boat with Peace-of-Mind!

Know the top anchoring tactics used by the pros to keep you in place in fair weather or foul. You don't want your sailboat to end up as just another insurance statistic--even in storm conditions!

Discover the insider secrets on how to use weights, snubber bridles, tandem anchors, anchor buoys, or anchor riding sails. Know the steps to take to choose the best type and size of anchor, rope, and chain for your boat to give you peace-or-mind and robust security! 2.gif">  Add Years of Reliable Service to Your Engine!

How would you like to have an engine that starts every time, has the power of a roaring lion, and one that you can rely on without stress or worry. Manuals only tell you part of the story! You need to know how to pinpoint and fix small, easy to fix problems before they blow up into huge, expensive ones that cost you enormous $$$s in repair and mechanic costs--and tons of lost sailing time! Put frustration to sleep with easy step-by-step techniques to keep your sailboat engine in tip-top shape for years to come. 2.gif">  Save Big Money on Sails and Sail Repair Costs!

Few things aboard your boat cost as much as your sails. And they also cost a fortune to repair and replace, so it pays to know what methods will extend their lives for as many years as possible.

Discover the best insider techniques to protect your expensive sails and sail hardware from wear and tear, damaging UV sunlight, or marring by mildew or mold that can take hold in the blink of an eye! Learn the secrets of how to extend sail life from the world's best sailmakers that will keep your sails performing with power and speed season after season!

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Now, a published maritime author, sailor, boating writer, certified sailing instructor, and 200-ton licensed captain for sail and power boats.

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