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Latest Member Sailing Articles
Sail Trim Secrets - "Reach to Reach" TackingSail Trim Secrets - "Reach to Reach" Tacking
March 28, 2015 ~ How can you tack your boat from a beam or broad reach fast and easy? Use this sailing tactic in confined waters to turn your boat around or to recover a person in the water. Follow these five steps along with the illustrations to master this "need to know" sailing seamanship skill. . . . keep reading

Dock Your Boat Like a Pro - Spring Line SecretsDock Your Boat Like a Pro - Spring Line Secrets
March 26, 2015 ~ What sailing secret sets master boat handlers apart? It's not backing into a slip. Nor will it be sliding alongside a pier smooth and easy. Know the three key elements of a spring line and train your sailing crew or partner on this vital "first step" to dock your boat. Watch this sailing video to learn more . . . keep reading

Three FREE Sailing Resources You'll Want to Own!Three FREE Sailing Resources You'll Want to Own!
March 24, 2015 ~ All sailors like free sailing resources, but it can be tough to find those that are super reliable and up-to-date. Read on to discover three of the best to help you plan a cruise, find a perfect anchorage, or locate new shoals in your sailing or cruising area. . . . keep reading

Try Transit Sailing to Make Steering EasierTry Transit Sailing to Make Steering Easier
March 19, 2015 ~ Sail through a pass, steer up or down a channel or navigate through an inlet and you'll want to steer an accurate course. How can you make this challenge easier, even in high winds, choppy seas or strong current? Watch this sailing skills video to discover one simple sailing solution you can use--wherever you sail or cruise! . . . keep reading

Five "First Steps" for Living Aboard a SailboatFive "First Steps" for Living Aboard a Sailboat
March 17, 2015 ~ If you dream of sailing or cruising, living aboard might be in the picture too. Indeed, many have followed through and moved aboard. But were they prepared for the transition? Before you make this major lifestyle adjustment, take this five step "reality check". . . . keep reading

Sailing After Dark - Cardinal Lights Made Easy!Sailing After Dark - Cardinal Lights Made Easy!
March 12, 2015 ~ Imagine sailing through a bay after dark with red, white and green flashing lights to port, starboard and ahead. How can you use the count of flashes to tell where dangers lie and which side will keep you in safety? Discover the easy way to understand the Cardinal light system for safer sailing on the waters of the world. . . . keep reading

Backup Your GPS with "Radiant Line" NavigationBackup Your GPS with "Radiant Line" Navigation
March 10, 2015 ~ Sailing or cruising without non-electronic navigation backup methods to verify the gps is like casting off without reef points in your mainsail. Add this fast, easy to use, position finding method to the top of your list of "must know" sailing tips and techniques. Read on to discover how to . . . keep reading

Five Sailing Tips to Reduce Friction and ChafeFive Sailing Tips to Reduce Friction and Chafe
March 5, 2015 ~ What sailing malady causes more catastrophic failure than any other? Ignore this and you could risk damage or loss to your sailing rigging or sailboat. Watch this sailing skills video for a super low cost, easy sailing solution that you can use all season long aboard your sailboat! . . . keep reading

Sail Past a Rocky Reef with the "Rule of 60"Sail Past a Rocky Reef with the "Rule of 60"
March 3, 2015 ~ Your nautical chart shows a dangerous coral reef just six miles dead ahead. The GPS has been spotty and unreliable. You need to clear the reef by at least three miles. How far do you need to change course? Make this fast 'n easy calculation in just seconds! . . . keep reading

Coastal Sailing Secrets - Terrain Effects on Wind and SeasCoastal Sailing Secrets - Terrain Effects on Wind and Seas
February 26, 2015 ~ What five sailing wind factors could you use to help plan a coastal cruise, make faster sailing passages, or sail offshore with more comfort? Discover how wind and seas can change in the blink of an eye from jutting capes, narrow passes, or an afternoon sea breeze. Watch this sailing skills video to learn more! . . . keep reading

Sailing in Current - How to Use Natural TransitsSailing in Current - How to Use Natural Transits
February 24, 2014 ~ Sail inland or coastal and you will need to "keep the course" to avoid shoals and obstructions. Current and leeway make this a challenge. Tap into the secret of natural transits--also called natural ranges--to sail like a pro on the waters of the world! . . . keep reading

Five Sailing Navigation Tips to Enter Sheltered WaterFive Sailing Navigation Tips to Enter Sheltered Water
February 21, 2015 ~ Imagine sailing along the coast with your sailing partner. You want to "pull off the road" for some much needed rest. You open your nautical chart or electronic display and see three inlets within a half-day's sail. What five steps will you take to choose... . . . keep reading

Use Mainsail Leech Telltales for Peak Performance!Use Mainsail Leech Telltales for Peak Performance!
February 19, 2015 ~ Your mainsail needs to be trimmed so that the air exits the leech with minimum turbulence. How can you use leech telltales along with a secret "over-trim" first step technique to trim your mainsail to perfection? Watch this sailing skills video to help you achieve maximum sail power! . . . keep reading

Keep Your Sailing Rigging in Shape This Season!Keep Your Sailing Rigging in Shape This Season!
February 17, 2015 - Sailing rigging makes life smoother and easier aboard any sailboat. What two "line saver" steps can you take to cut down on the effort it takes to hoist a sail, haul around on a Genoa sheet, break your anchor free of the seabed, or rig your docking lines to protect your sailboat inside a slip or alongside a pier? . . . keep reading

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