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Five Ways to Turbocharge Your Sails

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How to Find a Safe Emergency Anchorage

Dock Your Boat with "Silent Signals"

How to Dock Your Boat with Just One Dockline!

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Secrets to Sailing Near Coral Reefs

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Latest Member Sailing Articles
Do You Know this Overboard Survival Technique?Do You Know this Overboard Survival Technique?
October 23, 2014 ~ Imagine that your sailing partner or spouse falls overboard. Their inflatable pfd fails to inflate. What now, skipper? Make sure that you and your crew know this three-step survival technique. Take the three minutes to practice this in the comfort of your home. Train everyone in your crew; it could save their life one day. . . . keep reading

Three Steps to "Power Up" Your MainsailThree Steps to "Power Up" Your Mainsail
October 21, 2014 ~ You've used the mainsail halyard or Cunningham to set the draft. But your boat still needs more power to punch through a steep chop in a stiff wind. What three mainsail trim controls could you use? Read on to discover how the pros "turbocharge" a mainsail for peak performance when sailing or cruising! . . . keep reading

Mainsail Draft Location and ControlMainsail Draft Location and Control
October 16, 2014 ~ Sail trim begins and ends with draft placement and control. Set sail in a light to moderate breeze and the designed draft stays put. But as the wind builds you will need to use your draft controls to maintain maximum sail power! . . . keep reading

Use the Magic of Feathering for Emergency DockingUse the Magic of Feathering for Emergency Docking
October 14, 2014 ~ Just as you enter the marina, your engine coughs and dies. You still have just a bit of momentum. But will it be enough to make the turn into an empty slip just ahead to starboard? Use these three sailing tips to learn how to "feather" your boat in an emergency! . . . keep reading

Sailing Solutions XXXVI- Dock Your Boat Against the WindSailing Solutions XXXVI- Dock Your Boat Against the Wind
October 9, 2014 ~ Imagine that you have to dock your boat with high, gusty winds blowing off the dock. But that's not all. You need to squeeze between two million dollar power yachts with just a foot to spare fore and aft. What five steps will make this tough challenge smoother and easier? Watch this sailing skills video now to find out more. . . . keep reading

Sailing Safety Tips - Sail Clear of These Perilous Platforms!Sailing Safety Tips - Sail Clear of These Perilous Platforms!
October 7, 2014 ~ Black night, high winds seasoned with short, steep seas. Ahead of you; to the right of you; to the left of you, clusters of lights appear to rise up out of the ocean. As you sail closer, they appear to be tall, flat-topped sea monsters. What steps can you take to avoid collision with these dangers when sailing near the coast? . . . keep reading

Sailing Solutions XXXVI- Do You Know Your Navigational Draft?Sailing Solutions XXXVI- Do You Know Your Navigational Draft?
October 2, 2014 ~ How can you use your sailboat draft and an easy calculation to determine "safe water". Have you taken into account crew weight, provisions, fuel, water and supplies? Watch this sailing skills video to learn more. . . . keep reading

How to Sail Into a Harbor with "Chart Insets"How to Sail Into a Harbor with "Chart Insets"
September 30, 2014 ~ Imagine that you plan to sail to a new anchorage in a cove to the north. You've pulled the coastal chart that shows the approach, but you are unable to locate a large scale chart. And without better detail, the entry could prove to be a tough challenge indeed. Tap into the power of . . . keep reading

Sailing Solutions XXXV- Coastal Sailing with Sector-LightsSailing Solutions XXXV- Coastal Sailing with Sector-Lights
September 25, 2014 ~ Combine sailing navigation tools to put you in control when sailing or cruising. How can you use sector arcs and your GPS for safer sailing along any coastline? Watch this sailing skills video to discover the fast, easy way to boost sailing safety sky-high! . . . keep reading

Boat Docking Secrets - How to Avoid Springline Snap-backBoat Docking Secrets - How to Avoid Springline Snap-back
September 23, 2014 ~ Docking your boat will always be easier with spring lines. But too much tension on a spring could create a hazard for you, your sailing crew or partner. Practice this easy "springing-under-control" exercise to become master and commander of your small sailboat--wherever you sail or cruise! . . . keep reading

Sailing Solutions XXXIV- Leech Control by Boom VangSailing Solutions XXXIV- Leech Control by Boom Vang
September 18, 2014 ~ Your sailboat boom vang keeps your mainsail leech under control on reaches. But how much tension should you apply for proper leech twist? Look for these three critical sail trim indicators for more power, speed and performance. Watch this sailing skills video to learn more! . . . keep reading

Money Saving Sailing Tips - Why Hire a "Boat Systems" Guru?Money Saving Sailing Tips - Why Hire a "Boat Systems" Guru?
September 16, 2014 ~ Sailing systems like diesel engines, refrigeration, pressurized water and the like are tough nuts to learn and maintain. And they can drain the "cruising kitty" faster than a rushing tide without a few simple steps. Follow these sailing tips to success! . . . keep reading

Sailing Solutions XXXIII- Use "Backup Bearings" for Sailing Safety!Sailing Solutions XXXIII- Use "Backup Bearings" for Sailing Safety!
September 11, 2014 ~ Razor-sharp shoals lie just ahead. And, your GPS signal has been weak and unreliable. What "fallback" navigation techniques could you use to help make a tough passage like this safer, easier and less stressful? Follow these three little-known sailing tips for safer sailing. . . . keep reading

Offshore Sailing Delivery to New EnglandOffshore Sailing Delivery to New England
September 9, 2013 ~ Today, SkipperTips member Michael Conlon shares his latest sailing adventure with us. Mike helped deliver a beautiful Baltic 38 from Cape Canaveral, Florida to Groton, Connecticut in New England. Enjoy this exclusive article on what it's like to sail in heavy weather, inland waterways, pea-soup fog and more! . . . keep reading

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