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Latest Member Sailing Articles
Sailing Emergencies - How to Use the Float-Down TechniqueSailing Emergencies - How to Use the Float-Down Technique
November 27, 2014 ~ You hear a Mayday call on your radio. And, you are within just two miles away from the vessel in distress. What seven steps will help you determine the best technique to use to assist the distressed vessel and her sailing crew? Watch this video to find out more! . . . keep reading

Sailing "Situation" Awareness - First Step to Collision AvoidanceSailing "Situation" Awareness - First Step to Collision Avoidance
November 24, 2014 ~ Imagine that you enter a a channel one night after a perfect sailing day. You see a steady red light off your starboard bow. How can you determine the risk of collision with this vessel? Find out more in this excerpt from the eBook "Navigation Rules Made Easy". . . . keep reading

Free Sailing Tool to Plan a Cruise!Free Sailing Tool to Plan a Cruise!
November 20, 2014 ~ Use this Free online resource to plan a coastal cruise, locate harbors and marinas fast, and help you avoid dangers along your sailing course. Learn how to use one of the sailing's best-kept secrets to make navigating under sail safer, easier and more fun! . . . keep reading

Sail Clear of These Hidden Hazards to Navigation!Sail Clear of These Hidden Hazards to Navigation!
November 18, 2014 ~ What two little known sailing hazards could damage your sailboat hull, crack your keel, or mangle your propeller shaft or rudder? Make sure that you mark these dangers of the deep on your nautical chart or electronic chart plotter. Enjoy this excerpt from "Chart Symbols Made Easy", the newest eBook series! . . . keep reading

Sailing Line Loads and Crew SafetySailing Line Loads and Crew Safety
November 13, 2014 ~ What sailing knot gets tied wrong more often than most any other? It's used aboard every sailing and power vessel worldwide to keep crew and vessel safe and secure. Watch this sailing skills video to learn how to use this super sailing knot aboard your sailboat . . . keep reading

How to Pivot Your Sailboat Inside a Narrow MarinaHow to Pivot Your Sailboat Inside a Narrow Marina
November 11, 2014 ~ Docking your sailboat can be a big challenge in wind or current. Imagine that you are in a marina and find that you need to turn around 180°. And do this in a space just a few feet wider than your sailboat! Use these sailing tips to master this maneuver--wherever you sail or cruise. . . . keep reading

Could this be Sailing's Best "Bitter End" Knot?Could this be Sailing's Best "Bitter End" Knot?
November 6, 2014 ~ If you are anything like me, you want a solid, secure sailing knot in the end of your headsail sheets to keep them from running back through your Genoa blocks. Could there be a faster, more secure alternative to the common figure-eight knot? Read on and then you decide! . . . keep reading

Rough Weather Sailing - How to Sail When Overpowered!Rough Weather Sailing - How to Sail When Overpowered!
November 4, 2014 ~ Learn to sail like a pro when you know how to maintain control under sail--even when overpowered. It happens to all of us. We wait too long to tuck in a reef. And then, gust after gust causes excessive heel and 'white-knuckle' weather helm. What three sailing tips can you use right now to regain control fast? . . . keep reading

Boat Docking Emergencies - Steering Control After Loss of PowerBoat Docking Emergencies - Steering Control After Loss of Power
October 30, 2014 ~ How can you dock your boat if you lose engine power? Prepare your sailboat for unexpected emergencies like these with this little-known "turn control" technique. Watch this sailing skills video to learn more . . . keep reading

How to Rig a Cockpit Stern AnchorHow to Rig a Cockpit Stern Anchor
October 28, 2014 ~ Sail short- or single-handed and you'll want to have your ground tackle rigged and ready to deploy--from the cockpit! Follow these steps to create a super easy and economical mounting platform to keep your second anchor safe and secure for sailing or cruising . . . keep reading

Do You Know this Overboard Survival Technique?Do You Know this Overboard Survival Technique?
October 23, 2014 ~ Imagine that your sailing partner or spouse falls overboard. Their inflatable pfd fails to inflate. What now, skipper? Make sure that you and your crew know this three-step survival technique. Take the three minutes to practice this in the comfort of your home. Train everyone in your crew; it could save their life one day. . . . keep reading

Three Steps to "Power Up" Your MainsailThree Steps to "Power Up" Your Mainsail
October 21, 2014 ~ You've used the mainsail halyard or Cunningham to set the draft. But your boat still needs more power to punch through a steep chop in a stiff wind. What three mainsail trim controls could you use? Read on to discover how the pros "turbocharge" a mainsail for peak performance when sailing or cruising! . . . keep reading

Mainsail Draft and Sail Trim ControlMainsail Draft and Sail Trim Control
October 16, 2014 ~ Sail trim begins and ends with draft placement and control. Set sail in a light to moderate breeze and the designed draft stays put. But as the wind builds you will need to use your draft controls to maintain maximum sail power! . . . keep reading

Use the Magic of Feathering for Emergency DockingUse the Magic of Feathering for Emergency Docking
October 14, 2014 ~ Just as you enter the marina, your engine coughs and dies. You still have just a bit of momentum. But will it be enough to make the turn into an empty slip just ahead to starboard? Use these three sailing tips to learn how to "feather" your boat in an emergency! . . . keep reading

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